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BadTaste wrote:
canvasyou wrote:
And how many "tattoo artists" in a professional studio - run spore tests on a weekly basis? how many take apart a 5 piece grip and tube stem all the way when scrubbing?
It's funny you say that because its exactly what Kohls shop does :p Not that most shops do... i just had a giggle that you made that particular point to her.
Was not directed at any person - individually - or studio... but you have to know what I am saying here... i think that alot of these guys who are "anti-education" are just sketchy themselves.. and thats the big problem - but you do have a handful in each city that are above and beyond.. i am not saying ALL studios are half ass.. and was Def not directed at Khol -
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I just joined and wanted to take the time to say hi to everyone on here!! i have a few ideas and want to get my tat...ASAP :lol:
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Cant say I ever take my machines home...only time they see travel is too convention work.
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Dana and Susan - thank you for all your hard work. I tried to post earlier but ... it wouldnt connect to the server when I clicked submit so hopefully this will work now. It looks beautiful
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